In which Abraham invents the two state solution

This chinuch article is written by LJY-Netzer member Gabriel Webber. It does not necessarily represent the views of LJY-Netzer or Liberal Judaism. There are many Bible stories we don’t teach to children. Some are X-rated; some, like the one where … Continue reading

Board of Deputies Update

Board of Deputies Update

  For the last two years I have been LJY-Netzer’s representative on the Board of Deputies: the body designated by Act of Parliament as the official representative organisation of the UK Jewish community. And this is my report. Meetings of … Continue reading


Apples & Honey

This year’s Rosh Hashanah event for Galim and Bogrim had a lot to prove. At the 5773/4 event the sun was out, university hadn’t started yet and everyone was raring to go after only creating the event at Veidah that … Continue reading

Bogrim B’Barcelona

Bog Tour B’Barcelona

  What’s great about Bog Tour is that, even after Israel Tour and Kayitz, you are still able to attend events abroad with LJY and re-enter that ‘LJY-bubble’ in another country. So after what seemed like months, the 22nd June … Continue reading


LJY-Netzer in Gonder!

This year as part of our Summer Option Scheme, Sam Cohen, an LJY-Netzer Boger and previous Movement Worker, went on a funded volunteer scheme to Gondor in Ethiopia to work with Ethiopian Jews. He has now been there for 3 … Continue reading

Tzedek CAM

Lo Alecha HaMelacha Ligmor

    Lo Alecha HaMelacha Ligmor – My Time with Tzedek so far All in all, my first day at Tzedek was pretty surreal. The charity is based near Baker Street, and the combination of my love of Sherlock with … Continue reading

Zionist Youth Council Learning Event

  Last night the Zionist Youth Council hosted a cross-communal learning event in support of the three kidnapped Israeli Teenagers.  The night was run along the of pidyon shvuyim (the redemption of captives). The night started off with an introduction … Continue reading

Visting the Kotel on the 1st night of Shnat

Shnat-Netzer 2013/14: Reflections on a Journey

The English Shnatties saying goodbye at the airport: October 2013   Two RSY-Netzer shnatties saying the prayer for going on a journey before boarding the plane: October 2013 It is not possible for me to talk about my journey with Shnat Netzer … Continue reading

LJY-Netzer & Yom Hashoah

LJY-Netzer & Yom Hashoah

Not many people know that there is a Holocaust memorial in Hyde Park in London. But passing tourists may have noticed it last Sunday when over 600 representatives of the Jewish community gathered there for an open air Yom HaShoah … Continue reading

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

TOTY – Ani v’atah n’shaneh et ha’olam: Political Action

LJY-Netzer is steeped in a rich tradition of social action. Time and time again- whether it is through charity work whilst on Tours, raising awareness whilst on camps or our set piece events such as Mitzvah Day; LJY-Netzer has long … Continue reading


Sign on the Green Line!

  Keep checking this page for links to new articles on the green line campaign. The campaign is to encourage institutions and organisations to only use contemporary maps of Israel that have the correct green lines on them, outlining the … Continue reading


Liberal Judaism’s letter to the Jewish Leadership Council on Israel

The Jewish Leadership Council has been consulting its community representatives on an initiative led by Israel’s Justice Minister to look at the character of Israel as a Jewish and Democratic state. Lucian J. Hudson, Chairman of Liberal Judaism, represented the … Continue reading

Veidah Minutes

Shalom! Back in January we had a fantastic veidah where nearly 30 motions were passed. To see a list of those motions head here, but to read the fabulously entertaining minutes, download the document below. Veidah 5774 Minutes Final (Thanks … Continue reading


LJY-Netzer and Feminism

On Veidah, LJY-Netzer’s annual decision-making event for Galim and Bogrim, we passed a motion resolving to align LJY Netzer with the feminist movement and educate chanichim on feminism and the pursuit of equality. Although inherent in the ideology of Liberal … Continue reading


Passed Veidah Motions 2014

Shalom Chaverim! Please find the passed motions document from Veidah 2014 below. We are sure many of you are aware of the fantastic new themes, schemes, changes and improvements that have been started as a result of your motions and discussions, … Continue reading

Alignment with the Feminist Movement

Shalom chaverim,   Veidah 2014  voted in the motion: ‘LJY-Netzer will formally align itself with the feminist movment’   In order to be clear what was meant by this and how this affects our ideology,  a new paragraph has been … Continue reading


2014/15 Social Action Project – Mental Health

  Every two years, LJY-Netzer picks a new social action project to work on. This year, attendees at Veidah, LJY’s annual decision-making event, decided our social action project for at least the next two years is mental health, in association … Continue reading


Charity of the Year 2014!

On this years Veidah there was a particularly interesting and lively debate surrounding who should be LJY’s charity of the year. Whilst there were a number of extremely worthy causes put forward, there is one which I believe is particularly … Continue reading


Sammy G speaks… the Circle of CoYoCo.

What’s happening LJY-Netzer? It’s your faithful CoYoCo here hitting you up with a little article about the power of community work. I see a lot of you beautiful people around the communities when I visit and run activities, but havn’t … Continue reading


Mazkirut… giving Bogrim a shot in the foot!

  On the 8th of November the three movement workers along with 7 Bogrim descended on Bristol for Mazkriut. Mazkirut is a combination of both a decision making forum and a social event for our Bogrim, a chance for our … Continue reading

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