LJY-Netzer in an ideological youth movement and therefore actively seeks ways of making a difference in the world. On our events much of this is confined to informal education, ethical consumerism and our social action fund but outside of our events we also find ways of acting in the local and wider community.

Charity of the Year

One way LJY-Netzer seeks to help is by choosing a charity each year, which is in line with our Liberal Jewish & Reform Zionist ideology, for which to fund raise. Click here to learn more about Barnardos.

Social Action Project

As of Veidah 2011, LJY-Netzer will take on a social action project each year. This will be a cause or organisation we can work closely with and  volunteer our time for. In 2014 we are supporting Mental Health, along with the organisation Time to Change.


LJY-Netzer is a member of SOACT, the social action wing of the ZYC (Zionist Youth Council). SOACT regularly run social action events in the community including mounthly volunteering at an Asylem Seeker Drop-in Centre. To visit their website click here: