We in LJY-Netzer believe in the power and worth of boycotts and reserve the right to implement them where we see fit.  All of our boycotts have been passed at a democratic Veidah and represent our youth movements ideology. Below are two of the reasons why we boycott.

Why boycotts at all:

  1. Because we hope that by not buying a certain set of products and informing the company of this decision and why, this will force them to change their actions. This has been seen to work with the Nestle boycott. Other examples from history include the Montgomery Bus Boycott started by Rosa Parks that led to the ruling that segregation on buses is unconstitutional. We know that we’re not ‘Rosa Parks’ but this strong and definite action provides our inspiration.
  2. Because regardless of changes to the companies behavior we don’t want those behaviors associated with the good name of LJY-Netzer. We hold our ethical values at the highest level of importance and it would compromise them to buy products which have an unethical background to them.

Our boycotts:

The Meat Industry

LJY-Netzer has boycotted the meat industry since Veidah 2008 because of the detrimental effect it is having on the world. To learn more please go to our dedicated page by clicking the link here: Meat Industry Boycott

Ir David/Elad

Ir David (the City of David in Jerusalem) run by Elad  is uprooting Palestinians from their homes in the Arab village of Silwan. To find out more please click the link: