Wondering what incredible events we have coming up throughout the year?

Download this calendar and stick it up on your fridge:



LJY-Netzer Vediah Motions

Find out what motions and decisions have been made at our democratic gathering Veidah.

Vediah motions 5777 updated (non indexed) 

LJY-Netzer Educational Support Form:

If you are interested in offering LJY-Netzer educational support then please fill out this form and get it back to us!

Word: LJY-N Educational Support

PDF: LJY-N Educational Support PDF

Netzer Olami!

Come on all you Netzer fans, let me hear you clap your hands!

To download the Netzer platform please click the link below:

Netzer Platform
LJY-Netzer Summer Choveret 5774/2014:

Download the amazing Summer Choveret filled with articles written by our members and expert outside speakers!

LJY-Netzer Summer Choveret 5774

Shabbat Colouring in Activity

Write a Shabbat message inside the Siddur and colour in this Shabbat Picture.

Shabbat drawing


Havdalah Sheet

Had a restful Shabbat? Why not conclude with Havdalah. To download our colorful Havdalah sheet, including transliterations, explanations, readings and songs, please click on the link below:



Birkat HaMazon

Eaten? Satisfied? Why not say Birkat HaMazon? To download a sheet with the Hebrew, English and transliteration just click the link below:

LJY-Netzer Birkat HaMazon



For all you LJY-Netzer song leaders, and general keen chaverim, here’s your very own copy of the LJY-Netzer song with chords!!!

LJY-Netzer Song – With Chords


For all of the Netzer lovers around the world, The Netzer Song (also with chords)!

Netzer Song


Motion Writing Guide

Feeling revolutionary and fancy mixing things up? Click below to download a veidah motions form to have your ideas discussed and voted upon!

Motion writting guide + form


JCORE Choveret

JCORE (Jewish Council for Racial Equality) is the Leading Jewish Voice on Race and Asylum. Download their Choveret for Youth Groups to help you plan and run some really cool sessions!

JCORE Choveret for Youth Groups


Travel Expense Form

For all you hard working Madrachim and Roshim we have a little present.

To download a travel expense form and claim back all those spent pennies, please click the link below:

Travel Expenses Form