Are there things in LJY-Netzer that you would like to be different? Do you have an idea of a charity that we should support? Do you want to make real change in YOUR Youth Movement? If so then Kinus is the place to be. It’s our decision-making event for Nechalim (YR 7-8) and Yamim (YR 9-10). That means that you get to have your say about how LJY-Netzer works—and change the things that you think need changing. No need to complain any more about stuff—now you can actually make a difference.

Kinus is an LJY-Netzer event, so you’re guaranteed an amazing couple of days filled with games, exciting activities, a little bit of learning as well as time to hang out. You’ll get to see your friends again if you’ve been before or make a whole bunch of new ones if this is your first time.




This time we are at Kingston Liberal Synagogue and will be joining their cheder for an exciting joint event


Want changes with LJY-Netzer? Come on Kinus!


Friday 2nd – Sunday 4rd December

Drop off: 5.30pm Friday 2nd

Pick up: 3.30pm Sunday 4th

Price: £52  (+ optional charity donation).  As always, we don’t want cost to prevent people coming on our events. Contact Becca Fetterman for more information.  Email Anna


Location: Kingston Liberal synagogue

Apply here: