Meat Industry Boycott

Our Beef with Beef!


At Veidah 2008 LJY-Netzer made the historic decision to boycott the meat industry meaning that since then, no LJY-Netzer money has been spent on meat or fish products. The reason  for this boycott is the massive affect the meat industry is having on global warming. A UN report published in 2006 stated that 18% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions were generated by the meat industry. When you consider that transport, including cars, buses, trains and planes, account for 13% it is hard to justify eating meat on events when one of our three pillars is Tikkun Olam! Since the start of the boycott LJY-Netzer has made a conscious effort to educate on the damaging effects of the meat industry on all events to illustrate why this is an active boycott as opposed to merely ‘being vegetarian.’

Agriculture, particularly meat and dairy products, accounts for 70% of global freshwater consumption, 38% of the total land use and 19% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Huge amounts of corn and fresh water, which could go directly to human consumption, go into producing meat. Due to how much more water it takes to produce a pound of meat instead of a pound of corn, you save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you do by not showering for six months.

The continuation of the boycott has been raised since on both Veidah and Kinus and has been reaffirmed each time with large majorities!

For your reading please there are links at the bottom of the page to two articles based around the UN’s paper on the damaging effects of the meat industry.,8599,1839995,00.html 

At Veidah 5775, it was decided that we needed to do more research in to changes in the meat industry. Click here for what we discovered!