Tikkun Olam – Social Action

We strive to be active in our commitment to Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) on all levels, from self (Tikkun Atzmi) to social action on a range of communal and global issues. This vision of Tikkun is inspired by our Liberal Jewish ideology.



LJY-Netzer focuses on the five circles of Tikkun

As part of our dedication to Tikkun Olam we boycott the meat and fish industries and are a vegetarian movement. We are a vegetarian movement as it reduces our carbon footprint as a movement. If you would like any more information about our boycotts or why we are vegetarian please contact the office and we are happy to discuss these issues with you.

Every year we also also vote for a charity of the year (COTY) – this year it’s Maschom Watch, read more about it here!

Every two years LJY-Netzer Veidah votes ona Social Action Project (SAP) and in 5774 we voted in Mental health Awareness, read more about it here!

We have also in the past held social action fund raising and awareness-raising events, such as our Social Action Chain Reaction and every year take part in Mitzvah Day UK.

We also work closely with other charities and organizations who regularly come and speak on our events and mechinot.