(school years 9-10/roughly 13-15 years old) (Contact – Sam)














Yamim (seas) are the oldest participants on our camps. It’s a chance to not only carry on having all the fun you did when you were younger but also have great discussions about things that matter to you as young people. Kinus is a chance for Yamim to influence the movement while also having a great time. We know that you are older than everyone else on our events and we recognise this by having separate age groups on Machaneh Kadimah for the years 9 and 10. The year 9s are the oldest participants on the Kadimah site as well as going on a two day hike! The year 10s are under canvas on a nearby field having a fantastic experience being separate from the main Kadimah site but still part of the LJY-Netzer family. Chalutzim also start their leadership careers on Machaneh Kadimah by hosting all the different age-groups from the main site at special events throughout camp. All the time we make sure that you bond as a group especially as you’ll be spending a lot of time together in the future!



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