YESSS – The Yamim Extra Special Social Saturday.

Prepare to be bowled away by the new Yamim Extra Special Social Saturday! Come and hang out with all those friends you made on camp, or seize the opportunity to make some new ones on an exciting Saturday during half term. Filling the gap left by cheder, this is a chance to celebrate Shabbat a bit differently and have a fun social event at the same time! In the afternoon we are  going BOWLING – There will be laughs. There will be strikes (the good kind!) and there will be prizes. And then you’ll just have to sign up to more events to get that LJY-Netzer buzz all over again!


The Yamim age group—school years 9-10


The Liberal Jewish Synagogue,

28 St John’s Wood, London, NW8 7HA


10 am at The LJS on Sat 26 Oct


6 pm at The LJS on Sat 26 Oct


£22/£23.74 (including Social Action charity contribution to Windows)


Morning service, lunch,  activities, a tube trip to Queensway bowling alley for the afternoon, then back to the LJS for havdallah in the evening.


Please email to register your interest. He will then get back to you with the details of the online application system, along with information on how to use it.