Youth Empowerment

Reaffirmed as an official pillar of our ideology at Veidah 2014, LJY-Netzer is proud of it’s traditions of informed-decision making and the ability for our members to be involved in the changes that we enact. LJY-Netzer is a youth movement run for its members by its members. It provides an opportunity for personal growth, creating strong Progressive Jewish identities, enjoying friendships, participating in stimulating events and having fun together.

No big decision is made in LJY-Netzer which has not first been discussed and voted upon during our Veidah, our decision making body, or by Kinus & Yom Kinus representing Ananim, Plagim, Nechalim and Yamim.

If you wish to have a copy of the passed Veidah motions, or of the minutes of past Veidot, go to the downloads page.